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Hướng dẫn Luyện thi ETS TOEIC 2020 – Test 10: Reading (Phần 2)

Questions 176-180 reier ic ihe following articles.

New Theatre Almost Ready

By Nige! Smith

LIVERPOOL (15 August) — Work is nearing completion on a new theatre, which will become the first new theatre in the city for the past 20 years. The Cricket Theatre,

which is being built on the site of the former

Fletcher shoe factory, will have an’ auditorium that can seat 400 patrons. The

theatre will be operated by the Watts-Spicer

Group, which owns three other theatres, two


in London and one in York,

        The venue is expected to open in October, said Watts-Spicer’s chairperson,

Colin Watts. “We have just completed the

longest stage of the project, which was

slower than expected due to back-ordered seats from Australia, We are expecting to open with the musical Backup on 30 October.” The Cricket Theatre will host a variety of productions, from traditional plays to special engagements with artists of all kinds.




Cricket Theatre’s Backup Is


By Clara Kennedy


LIVERPOOL (2 December)—The Cricket Theatre’s first production, Backup, opened last night to a full house. Theatregoers were clearly delighted by this new musical, which is based on a true story. Backup follows Babette Jones, a young backup singer for famous musical acts, through her 23-year struggle to become a successful solo act. Liverpool native Tami McClure, as Ms. Jones, thrilled the audience with her wide-ranging vocals. Paul Robinson, who played her fearless manager, also put in a_ strong performance. Costume designer Sophie

Wright’s fashions were exquisite.


Backup’s strong production values and the Cricket Theatre’s reasonable ticket prices point to a long and successful future for this new theatre. Backup runs until 5 February at the Cricket Theatre.



  1. What is indicated about the Watts-Spicer Group?

(A) It runs multiple theaters.

(B) It owned the Fletcher shoe factory.

(C) It is an Australian company.

(D) It operates the oldest theater in the city.

  1. In the first article, the word “stage” in paragraph 2, line 4, is closest in meaning to

(A) phase

(B) platform

(C) scene

(D) presentation

  1. What is implied about the Cricket Theatre?

(A) Its prices are very high.

(B) Its shows will mainly be musical comedies.

(C) Its expected opening was delayed.

(D) Its next production begins in January.

  1. According to the second article, what is indicated about Backup?

(A) It had low ticket sales.

(B) It disappointed the audience.

(C) Its story is fictional.

(D) Its story takes place over several decades.

  1. Who is Ms. McClure?

(A) A performer

(B) A manager

(C) A costume designer

(D) A set designer

Questions 181-185 refer to the following article and online review.

KENT (26 February}—Stellar Chocolates is a local business offering a wide selection of handcrafted delicacies. With two shops in

Kent, the business is well-known in the area.

Recently, however, Stellar Chocolates

gained national recognition by earning top awards from the Chocolate Council last mouth.


Stephanie Davidson, who co-owns the shops with Brian Markus, emphasises the sources and quality of Stellar Chocolates. “Before launching the business, Brian and I spent several months travelling to areas of the world known for quality cacao-bean production. We inspected the plants and learned about traditional harvesting and roasting processes,” she said. In fact,


production started only alter the co-owners had secured the finest ingredients for their products. They now incorporate a variety of other ingredients such as chili, basil, and even. Wasabi, to create a unique line of chocolates.


Demand for Stellar’s line has continued to grow, and the firm expects to open a third shop in Bath later this year. Ms. Davidson noted that they have found additional space in an old mill to be converted for retail use.

“The new shop will be our largest, and we

plan to establish a mail-order business so

that we can ship not just domestically but also internationally,” she said.





Our Product Line

Customer Reviews



Today I visited the new Stellar Chocolates shop that opened a few weeks ago in the former mill, expecting to see an ordinary candy store. What a surprise! I was delighted to taste some free samples while watching the chocolates being made by hand. I even had a chance to chat with one of the owners, who told me about the origin of their business. She met her co-owner ten years ago in a class at university, and they came up with the business idea for an assignment. They got such positive comments from their professor and fellow students that they decided to turn their idea into a career project. I look forward to many future visits, as the shop is just around the corner from my home.


Cynthia Ragusa



  1. What is stated about Stellar Chocolates in the article?

(A) It sells a variety of items in addition to chocolates.

(B) It does most of its business through mail orders.

(C) It has been recognized for excellence in chocolate making.

(D) It has recently automated its manufacturing process.

  1. What is indicated about Mr. Markus?

(A) He was interviewed for the article.

(B) He is a frequent customer.

(C) He met Ms. Davidson at university.

(D) He oversaw the conversion of the mill.

  1. In the article, the word “finest” in paragraph 2, line 11, is closest in meaning to

(A) healthiest

(B) best

(C) thinnest

(D) most common

  1. What is suggested about Ms. Ragusa?

(A) She seldom eats chocolate.

(B) She used to work in a mill in Kent.

(C) She is a colleague of Ms. Davidson’s.

(D) She lives in Bath.

  1. What is indicated about the newest Stellar Chocolates shop?

(A) Its opening was delayed.

(B) Its hours have been extended.

(C) It is located in a former post office.

(D) It offers complimentary samples.

Questions 186-190 refer to the following e-mail, Web page, and form.


Alex Gulin <alex. gulin@senmail. ca>


Kohek Apparel <orders @kohekapparel.com>


August 27


Kohek Apparel order confirmation


Dear Alex:


Thank you for your online order from Kohek Apparel! Your order should arrive within 5-10 business days. See below for details:

Order Number: 96781

Deliver To: 22 Exeter Street, Toronto, M4B 1B3 CANADA

Order Summary:



Item Number





Jogging suit


Charcoal gray




Cotton shirt


Bright white Large




Wool sweater


Sky blue




Fleece jacket


Moss green









We appreciate your repeated business! To receive a coupon for 10 percent off your next order, visit our website and enter the promotional code RCOO8.




http://www. kohekapparel.com/returns


KonHeK APPAREL—Return Policy


Kohek Apparel strives to create high-quality, great-fitting items at a reasonable price. We want you to be completely satisfied with your order and would like to make the return process as easy as possible.


To return an item, request a shipping label by emailing customersupport@keohekapparel.com. A printable shipping label will be emailed to you. Once you receive it, place the item in the same box it arrived in, along with a completed return request form (found on the back of your invoice), and tape the shipping label to the box. If you no longer have the original box, place the item in a different box, Your purchase will be Fully refunded once we receive the package.


Returns within the United States are completely free. For returns from Canada, a 6shippingchargewillbedeductedfromyourrefund.Fromallothercountries,theshippingchargeis12.




http:/ivwwr kohekapparel.com/returns


KOHEX APPAREL—Return Request :



Customer ID:

Order Number:

Returning Item Number:

Reason for the return:

Alex Guilin




Item was too large. Order a different size? No Size _______



I’ve been ordering the same size from Kohek Apparel for years. I was surprised that this time the sizing was off. But I’m happy with my other items.



  1. What is suggested about Kohek Apparel?

(A) It has added several new items to its inventory.

(B) It offers discounts to returning customers.

(C) It specializes in summer apparel.

(D) It does not ship items internationally.

  1. What do all of the items in Mr. Gulin’s order have in common?

(A) They are made from the same material.

(B) They are the same price.

(C) They are manufactured in Canada.

(D) They are the same size.

  1. What do customers need to do when returning an item?

(A) Use a box of a specific size

(B) Submit a form online

(C) Print out a shipping label

(D) Use a specific delivery company

  1. What item is Mr. Gulin returning?

(A) A jogging suit

(B) A shirt

(C) A sweater

(D) Ajacket

  1. What is indicated about Mr. Gulin?

(A) He will be charged a return shipping fee.

(B) He is dissatisfied with the refund policy.

(C) He is going to order a replacement item.

(D) He will not buy clothes again from Kohek Apparel.

Questions 191-195 refer to the following schedule, newsletter article, and form.


Kuraki Motors Canadian Dealer Annual Meeting

Schedule for Friday, June 8


7:30 AM.


East Ballroom

9:00 A.M.

Keynote Address  CEO Katsuhiko Nakamuro


South Ballroom

10:30 A.M.

Kuraki Business Outlook Vice President Jiro Higa


South Ballroom



East Ballroom

1:30 P.M

New Product Debuts Chief Designer Yuna Yamashita


South Ballroom

4:00 P.M.

Dealer-Led Seminars:

The Modern Dealership

Digital Campaigns


Mara Room

Flora Room


6:00 P.M.


East Ballroom




Canadian Dealer Meeting

By Josie Hopkins, Kuraki Now Staff Writer


Executives from Kuraki Motors returned to Toronto for an annual meeting of the nearly 1,006 Canadian representatives of the brand. The two-day event kicked off on Friday morning with CEO Katsuhiko Nakamuro, who gave a keynote address highlighting progress on the company’s new manufacturing plant in Toronto. He was followed by Vice President Jiro Higa detailing increased production levels and expected growth. Attendees then had the opportunity to attend two days of seminars, But the highlight of the event was the unveiling of two new models, the sleek Daino sedan and Kuraki’s new hybrid, the Pura. The models will be rolling into dealerships in August.



Kuraki Motors Canadian Dealer Annual Meeting—Survey Form


Thank you for attending this year’s dealer meeting. We would appreciate your feedback.

Please use the following rating scale to rate each of the seminars you attended.


Rating Seale: 4 = excellent; 3 = very good; 2 = satisfactory; 1 = poor




The Modern Dealership



Digital Campaigns



Proven Methods to Attract Salespeople



Internet Sales Success



The Business Model of the Future



Standing Out from the Competition




The seminars on both days were informative as always. I wish that some were not scheduled at the same time and that more were offered before lunch on Saturday. Some of my colleagues were unable to stay for the afternoon sessions.



Name: Howard Gellman_______



  1. In which location did Kuraki’s senior executives make presentations?

(A) East Ballroom

(B) South Ballroom

(C) Mara Room

(D) Flora Room

  1. What is one purpose of the article?

(A) To summarize the events that took place at an annual meeting

(B) To review the features of a new car model

(GC) To provide details about seminars being offered

(D) To announce the promotion of Mr, Nakamuro

  1. When were the Daino and the Pura most likely introduced to meeting attendees?

(A) At 7:30 A.M.

(B) At 9:00 A.M.

(C) At 4:30 P.M.

(D) At 6:00 P.M.

  1. What is indicated about Mr. Gellman?

(A) He attended a seminar on Friday.

(B) He left before lunch on Saturday.

(C) He works in digital advertising for Kuraki.

(D) He plans to lead a seminar at next year’s meeting.

  1. What is Mr. Gellman’s complaint about the seminars?

(A) They were too long.

(B) The topics were boring.

(C) It was not possible to attend them all.

(D) He did not like the presenters.

Questions 196-200 refer to the following invitation, brochure, and e-mail.


Creative Tech Conference


Join us for the Tenth Annual Creative Tech Conference. Explore the latest technologies with the top innovators in their fields. Enjoy a full day of presentations, workshops, discussions, and exhibitions, culminating with a keynote address by Ayana Gonzalez, the founder of Grutenhur Tech.


May 12,9 AM.—6 PM.

Bondal University

22 Markus Street

Ione, California


Purchase tickets online at www.creativetechcon.com/tickets.


Interested in being a sponsor? See the attached sponsor benefits brochure.





Creative Tech Conference

Sponsor Benefits


We couldn’t run the Creative Tech Conference without the help of sponsors. In addition to supporting entrepreneurs and innovators, sponsorship is a great way to get the name of your business out to our 500+ attendees in various tech fields. See below for sponsorship levels.



·         Your company’s logo on a large banner displayed during the keynote address

·         Free four-hour exhibitor booth

·         Your company’s logo featured on our Web site and conference program

·         Half-price tickets for all employees that attend the conference


·         Your company’s logo on a large banner displayed during the final reception

·         Free four-hour exhibitor booth

·         Your company’s logo featured on our Web site and conference program     


·         Your company’s logo featured on our Web site and conference program

·         Free four-hour exhibitor booth


·         Your company’s logo featured on our Web site and conference program

·         Please contact sponsors @creativetechconterence.com for more information.




All Orlavel Analytics Staff


Edsel Skyers


Creative Tech Conference


May 2


Dear Staff,


I hope you will attend the Creative Tech Conference on May 12. It is taking place nearby at Bondal University. I have gone the past two years, and it is a great way to network and stay informed about the newest trends in our field. And because we are a sponsor of the event, our employees receive a discount on tickets. Plus, as some of you may know, the keynote speaker is a former employee! Let me know if you have any questions.


Edsel Skyers

Product Development Director

Orlavel Analytics



  1. What does the invitation state about the Creative Tech Conference?

(A) It is organized by university professors.

(B) University students can request free event tickets.

(C) Itis a one-day conference.

(D) This is the first year the conference will with a university take place.

  1. According to the brochure, what is a benefit of sponsoring the conference?

(A) Sponsors can give a presentation at the conference.  

(B) Sponsors are invited to a special reception.

(C) Sponsors can advertise their business to potential customers.

(D) Sponsors get free product samples.

  1. Why did Mr. Skyers write the e-mail?

(A) To introduce his staff to a new employee

(B) To encourage his staff to attend an event

(C) To tell his staff about new technology

(D) To announce a research partnership with a university

  1. What is indicated about Ms. Gonzalez?

(A) She is a sponsor of the Creative Tech Conference.

(B) She lives in lone, California.

(C) She opened a business 10 years ago.

(D) She previously worked for Orlavel Analytics.

  1. What type of sponsor is Orlavel Analytics?

(A) Innovator

(B) Creator

(C) Entrepreneur

(D) Patron

Đáp án
























































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