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Kết quả hình ảnh cho Great Ideas

Video bài nghe Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 4: Great Ideas– HocHay

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Cùng HocHay học tiếng Anh Market Leader Pre-intermediate các bạn nhé!

Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 4: Great Ideas – Skills

A. DC Dynamics is an electronics company based in Boston, USA. The marketing department held a meeting to discuss their new smartphone. Listen to the meeting, then answer these questions.

  1. What were the main aims of the meeting?
  2. Which month did they choose for the launch?

Đán án:

  1. To decide the launch date for the DM 2000 and the recommended retail price
  2. September

B. Listen again and tick the expressions which the chairperson uses.

  1. OK, everyone, let’s begin, shalt we?
  2. Our main purpose is to decide the date of the launch.
  3. Mei, what do you think?
  4. Cheng, can you give us your opinion about this?
  5. Any thoughts on that?
  6. Let’s get back to the point.
  7. Now, I’d like to move on to sates outlets.

Đán án:


C. Listen to the meeting again and complete these extracts.

Mei: Personally, I’m ……….. (1) of June. Let’s get into the market early and surprise our ………….(2)

Wan: Yeah, June’s too early. I think September’s the best time. We can promote the smartphone strongly then, with a multimedia ……….. (3)

Lincoln: What about the recommended retail price for the phone? Any thoughts on that?

Mei: …………(4) a minute. I thought we were talking about the …………(5) date, not the price.

Lincoln: OK, Mei, maybe we are moving a little too fast. Let’s get back to the …………(6)

Lincoln: Good. We need to be sharp on pricing. Now, what sates outlets do you think we should …………(7), Wan?

Wan: No problem there. We could start with the specialist mobile-phone stores and big …………(8) stores. After that, we could took at other distribution …………(9)

Đán án:

  1. in favour
  2. competitors
  3. campaign
  4. Hold on
  5. launch
  6. point
  7. target
  8. department
  9. channels

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Vocabulary Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 4: Great Ideas– HocHay

A. Match the word partnerships (1-6) to their definitions (a-f).

to take advantage of an opportunity

2.to raise some body’s status

3.to enter a market

4.to extend a product range

5.to meet a need

6.to make a breakthrough

a) to offer a larger variety of goods

b) to do or provide something that is necessary

c) to do something when you get the chance to do it

d) to make an important discovery or change

e) to start selling goods or services in a new area

f) to make somebody look or feel more important

Đáp án:

  1. c
  2. f
  3. e
  4. a
  5. b
  6. d

B. Read this extract from a talk by the head of a research and development department. Then complete the gaps (1-6) with the correct form of a word partnership from Exercise A.

Great ideas are generated in different ways. Sometimes an idea may simply be when a company …………(1) to ………… (2), to offer more choice to existing customers. Or a great idea could allow a company to …………(3) which was closed to it before.

Companies which are prepared to spend a lot on R&D may ………… (4) by having an original idea for a product which others later copy, for example Sony and the Walkman.

On the other hand, some products are developed in response to customer research. They come from customer ideas. These products are made to ………… (5), to satisfy consumer demand. Or the product does something similar to another product, but faster, so it saves time. Some people will buy new products because the product ………… (6)- gives them a new, more upmarket image.

Đáp án:

  1. takes advantage of an opportunity
  2. extend its product range
  3. enter a market
  4. make a breakthrough
  5. meet a need
  6. raise their status

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